Again by Heart..


“You know that feeling you get on a Sunday?  When you just had the whole day to yourself and it’s been great, but then you remember you have to go to school the next day and it ruins the whole rest of the night…  I have to go tomorrow and I just have that feeling.  It’s like a Sunday night.”
~Peyton Sawyer, One Tree Hill episode 3.20 ‘Everyday is a Sunday Evening’


Red Band Trailer for The Kings of Summer.

Love the look and Midwest setting. Reminds me of the days spent adventuring in the woods behind my old house.

One more for kicks



So excited for this.

One of my favorite films at Sundance 2013! I highly recommend it to you all.. Comes out May 31st :) #TheKingsofSummer

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The new Sandlot Blu Ray comes with these cool baseball cards.

Be still my 10 year old heart!

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Another one of Keanu and River.. still love ‘em both.

Another one of Keanu and River.. still love ‘em both.

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You want to know why I’m nice to everyone? It’s because I don’t care about baggage. Most people see a person walking down the street with a big heavy bag they’re carrying and they just walk on by. But not me. I look at them and say, “Howdy, stranger. Can I give you a hand with that?”

– Marshall -HIMYM (via livingablondemoment) Via the girl with the 8mm camera
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